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Meet our youthful, energetic and approachable Foundation in Science academic team. Skilled and knowledgeable in their respective subject matter, our academic team delivers utmost professionalism and excellence. You will eagerly look forward to classes as you embark on a learning voyage that takes place in dynamic two-way interaction with engaging discussions, class activities and tutorial sessions. Duty-bound by their passion to teach, our academic team is set to unlock your potential and help you open doors to many distinctions in life!


Program Head

  • Dr. Rashmirekha Sahoo




Biology/Anatomy & Physiology

  • Mr. Puvanan Karunanithi
  • Ms. Fadhilah Binti Idris


  • Ms. Wan Nur Hairunanisa
  • Ms. Nur Hidayah Mohd. Noor


  • Mr. Leong Mun Fai
  • Ms. Siti Harnani Radhuan Din

Mathematics /ICT

  • Ms. Noor Fadhilah Mohd Ramlan 
  • Ms. Khasmanizan Mohamad Yusoff
  • Ms. Nadiah Arsat


  • Ms. Ng Choo Ting
  • Ms. Eunice Ong Luyee


  • Dr. Narendra Kumar

Pharmacology/Forensic Science

  • Dr Nur Farhana Mohammed Noor