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E-learning in MMMC uses MOODLE, DVDs, Medscape, PUBMED, YouTube, NEJM, BMJ Learning, and e-Medicine as sources for teaching students. E-learning complements other main-modes -of-teaching- learning (Bedside teaching, Skills lab, PBLs and Lectures).


The computer lab is equipped with 50 computes in Melaka Campus and  45 computers in Muar Campus. The college has WIFI and high speed internet. Most of the students use Laptops and smart phones for accessing Medical information. The students are taught how to search for medical literature and what to search on medical literature, using PUBMED, and GOOGLE Scholar. Some students have written and published papers too.  


Modes of e-learning:

  1. Individual:


e.g. Literature search

B. Individual


e.g. CD/DVD

  1. Group activity


e.g. webinar/virtual class room


D. Group activity offline/asynchronous