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MOODLE Workshops for Faculty:

Three Workshop were conducted since 2013: in 2017 (Melaka) & 2015 (Manipal) and on 09/07/2013 (Melaka) in order to train and sensitise the faculty on MOODLE and e-learning. The 2013 MOODLE WORKSHOP occasion was graced by our Pro-VC of Manipal University and CEO of JVMC. There were 26 participants. They learnt a lot on MOODLE. The certificates of participation were distributed by the Dean & CE of MMMC. April, 2016 Manipal campus was graced by Deputy Dean of MMMC (Melaka Campus) and Deputy Dean, Dental Sciences, Manipal Campus. 20 Faculty of Manipal campus of MMMC participated actively in the workshop and had hands on the MOODLE site, course creation, and implementation. The details of these workshops is as mentioned:

  1. MOODLE workshop, 09/07/2013, MMMC, Melaka.
  2. The Basic Workshop on MOODLE is designed to impart basic skills in creating and running a course in MOODLE. Schedule for MOODLE workshop, Saturday, 30/01/2015, MMMC, Manipal.
  3. A workshop on MOODLE 3.2: a teaching, learning, and assessment tool, on Friday, 3rd March 2017, MMMC, Melaka.

During these workshops, we planned each session with a specific pattern: TEACH-DO-SHOW (Hands on) and Feedback. The members of team covered topics which were spread across the major aspects of this teaching-learning-assessment tools.

1. Overview: Prof Adi,

2. Login and Access: Prof Adi, Prof Yash, Mr Zainudin, Mr Najib

3. Nuts and Bolts of MOODLE: Prof Yash

4. Dashboard and Course Home page: AP Dr Aung

5. Editing the Title: AP Dr Rajiv Gupta

6. Drag and Drop, File picker: Prof Nirmal

7. Atto Text editor: AP Dr Nishikanta Verma

8. Using Label: AP Dr Minoo

9. Adding more titles, MOODLE Complements other modes of teaching-learning, creating & sharing Enrolment Key and using MOODLE to enhance other modes T-L methods: Prof Yash

10. QA on Q/A: Prof Sahoo

11. Quiz and Assignments: Prof Adi

12. Forum & Announcements: Dr Htay Win

13. MOODLE course creation and Hiding features: Mr Zainudin.


In order to keep the audience engaged and jovial throughout the whole day workshop, 3 games of 15 minutes each, were arranged:  Thanks to AP Dr Sowmya Nettem for helping us in conducting Team-building games.  We arranged 3 games with the intention of enhancing ones: 1.Team cooperation: HA-HA-HA challenge, a game, an Icebreaker, 2. Collaboration and problem-solving skills: Marshmallow Challenge, and 3. Spirit of working in teams: Minefield challenge game.  


Thanks to Mr Zainudin, Mr Najib, Mr Iman and Mr Kru for their immense contributions & help to MOODLE team in organising this workshop. Special thanks to Prof Adi, Prof Sahoo and AP Dr Sowmya, for their tireless efforts in making this a very fruitful workshop.  


We take this opportunity to thank our Pro-VC MU & CEO JVMC, Dean & CE of MMMC for the guidance, support, and encouragement to our team.


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