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Phase II is the clinical training designed to nurture students as leaders in oral health care at national and international levels. The Melaka campus is dedicated to provide value-based dental education utilizing up-to-date technologies to ensure student satisfaction in acquiring clinical experience required for general dental practice.


The newly completed 50 million dental building housed modern dental clinical facilities to cater for professional clinical training of year 3 to 5. This 10-storey building shall be the heart of activities for dental students. The infrastructure include Student Polyclinics (Teaching Clinic) with 51 dental units each at the third, fourth and fifth floor. A well-equipped Prosthetic Laboratory at level seven promises a world of experience for the fabrication of dental prostheses.  


Hospital dentistry, community programmes, general medicine and general surgery postings have been arranged with collaborative agencies to facilitate teaching-learning activities. The arranged postings allow acquisition of knowledge, clinical skills and effective communication skills in the real working environment. The faculty is obliged to fulfill the vision & mission of the university and the FOD. 



Vision:   To attain Global leadership in human development, excellence in education and healthcare.

Mission: Be the most preferred choice of students, faculty and industry. Be in the top 10 in every discipline of education, health sciences, engineering and management by 2010



Vision: To be leaders in oral health care at national and international level

Mission: Provide value-based dental education and comprehensive oral health care at par with international standards in a conducive environment utilizing state of the art technology to ensure satisfaction of students, patients and staff while striving to continually improve dental education, patient care, research, infrastructure and human resources to set a bench mark at national as well as international levels.



At the end of the Bachelor of Dental Surgery programme, students are able to: 

  • Apply sound knowledge of the scientific foundation on which dentistry is based upon to practice effective, efficient and safe dentistry.
  • Practice general dentistry independently with good clinical skills.
  • Empower patients and the community to participate in making health decisions.
  • Apply professional ethical values in all aspects of professional life and comply with the Dental Act with regards to the practice of dentistry.
  • Carry out teamwork, collaborative learning, clinical reasoning and information literacy to communicate effectively with peers, health personnel, patients, communities, and lead the dental health team in the community.
  • Analyze, hypothesize and present the solution of a problem through collaborative learning in solving oral health issues of individuals and communities via critical and analytical application of scientific evidence and up-to-date techniques.
  • Apply the principles of life-long learning and continuing professional development in dentistry.
  • Plan and manage the dental clinic and community programmes to improve the oral health related quality of life of the community.