Community Dentistry (or Community Oral Health or Dental Public Health) is a branch of dentistry that aims to prevent oral disease and maintain oral health by focusing on societal influences and working with communities as opposed to individual patients. This module helps the undergraduate develop an understanding of how the nature of the community, access to material goods and services and broad cultural composition will impact on disease experience, type of services preferred, their likelihood of dental attendance and ability to maintain their own dental health. Thus this module requires an understanding of relevant aspects of sociology, psychology, epidemiology and statistics, health economics, evidence-based practice, health promotion and health service organization.

In Malaysia, Dental Public Health is a recognized specialty of dentistry. At the undergraduate level, the role of the dentist as a professional within society with a responsibility in shaping future dental health services and responding to demographic shifts, broader health needs and societal change is emphasized. The teaching of this module thus occurs throughout the undergraduate course and will help graduates develop and maintain an appreciation of how the environment in which people live impacts directly on the prevalence of oral diseases and conditions, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors and the ability of clinicians to intervene successfully  and holistically to improve oral health. In the Faculty of Dentistry, MMMC the course is designed to emphasize these aspects by organizing it into 6 modules as illustrated below:

Community Dentistry : Social and behavioral science in dentistry

: Preventive Dentistry

: Oral Health Promotion and  Dental Health Education

: Health Service Organization

: Law and Ethics

: Oral Epidemiology and Biostatistics


Head of the Department:

Prof. Dr. Noorliza Mastura Binti Ismail – BDS (Malaya), DDPHRCs (England), MSc (DPH) (London)



Prof. Dr. Abdul Rashid Bin Ismail – BDS (Malaya), DDPHRCs (England), MSc (DPH) (London)