Oral Pathology is the specialty of dentistry and pathology which deals with the nature, identification and management of diseases affecting the oral and maxillofacial region. It is the study of diseases of oral and maxillofacial soft and hard tissues, their etiology, pathogenesis and histopathology as related to clinical and radiographic features and arrive at diagnosis which will help in planning appropriate treatments for the patients.

The department follows an Outcome Based Education (OBE) Curriculum as per the MQA requirements and the teaching learning activities are performed under following platforms like.

  1. Regular didactic lectures: which follows the prescribed standard text books of Oral Pathology
  2. Seminars : Which covers the applied aspects and recent concepts in the field of oral pathology
  3. Practical: Case reports with clinical, radiographic and histologic features are presented and students need to analyze and discuss the differential diagnosis, investigations required, and should be able to correlate them with the histopathological features to arrive at a the diagnosis and are trained to represent the histopathology schematically in their log books.
  4. Virtual Microscopy: Students are allowed to have a feel of browsing through the whole digitalized histopathological sections of common oral lesions and will enable the students to analyze the histopathologic features under various magnifications rather than the traditional printed or preselected photomicrographs or histological sections.
  5. Case Based Learning: Students are encouraged to participate and involve in discussion which will help in improving their analytical thinking.
  6. Assessments: We have 2 types of Assessments:
    1. Formative assessment: This includes all the Block examination and routine examinations after every chapter.
    2. Summative assessment: This is the Professional examination

Theoretical assessments are in the form of

  1. Analytical Multiple choice question
  2. Modified essay questions and
  3. Short answer questions
  4. Practical assessment is performed as Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) which effectively tests the candidate’s knowledge and analytical thinking to arrive at a diagnosis for a given pathological lesion.


Head of the Department:

Prof. Dr. Jose Joy Idiculla


Faculty Members:

Asst. Prof. Dr. Renjith George