The department of Pediatric Dentistry is dedicated in providing comprehensive oral health care and prevention to infants, children, adolescents, and those with special needs. Our program is designed to provide dental students with experience in identifying and meeting the dental health needs of children including those with special needs with focus on preventive care based on scientific evidence to help each child develop a healthy smile that will last a lifetime.


The subject is introduced to the students in Year 3 as part of clinical years. The training in Pediatric Dentistry is done by means of classroom teaching as well as clinical training. Classroom teaching includes didactic lectures and student-centered activities like seminars, role plays, CBL, TBL etc. Clinical training involves dental therapeutic management of children through establishing effective communication with the parent/patient and the dental team, developing good patient-dentist relationship as well as identifying and meeting the concerns of the parent/patient.


Scope & Mission

Department of Pediatric Dentistry will provide comprehensive therapeutic and preventive care to infants, children and adolescents including those with special needs.


Our mission is to train students to seek scientific evidence in day-to-day clinical situations, think critically and become learners with an inquisitiveness to look for answers through research and thereby establish an evidence-based practice and nurture life-long learning. Students will also be trained to be empathetic and skillful in providing comprehensive care for children. To achieve this goal, our curriculum will enable the students towards:


1. Behavioral Management of children for dental treatment.

2. Preventive dentistry and oral health education.

3. Comprehensive restorative including crowns and prosthetic care

4. Oral facial trauma – evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and child abuse considerations.

5. Periodontal diseases – diagnosis, treatment, and referral if needed.

6. Pulp therapy for primary and young permanent teeth.

7. Extractions and Oral surgery for the pediatric dental patient.

8. Management and care of special needs patients.

9. Preventive and interceptive orthodontics and space maintenance.

10. Dental emergencies.


Our Uniqueness:

1. Well qualified and competent faculty to guide students in a variety of procedures.

2. Use of innovative teaching methods.

3. Encourage peer-learning.

4. Procedural training on typodont teeth.

5. Well-equipped dental clinics with provision of contemporary materials that are used for children.

6. Provision of dental treatment to children in a non-threatening, friendly environment.

7. Focus on preventive dental care in children.


Head of the Department:

  • Prof. Dr. Eswara Uma

Faculty Members:

  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Eby Varghese
  • Asst. Prof. Dr Ankita Arora
  • Dr. Saptarshi Bhowal (Tutor)