Periodontology is an acronym wherein ‘Peri’ means around, ‘odont’ means tooth and ‘ology’ means study of. It is the art and science of examination, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the supporting structures of the teeth. The Department of Periodontics aims at facilitating learning among the undergraduate dental students in attaining an in-depth knowledge of the periodontium in health and disease. Commencing in the third year of the undergraduate dental program, the training involves guiding the students to recognize the roles of microbiological, immunological, environmental, systemic and genetic influences in the etiopathogenesis of periodontal disease and the various patterns of periodontal destruction. The clinical guidance begins with detailed examination and charting of the gingival and periodontal status and demonstration sessions in periodontal instrumentation and scaling procedures. The students develop clinical skills in performing non-surgical periodontal management of patients.

In the fourth and fifth years, the course provides valuable insights into the range of non-surgical and surgical therapeutic procedures performed in the field of Periodontics including periodontal considerations and management in relation to Implant Dentistry. The course also throws light on the bidirectional dynamic relationship between periodontal and systemic health of patients. The students acquire clinical skills in the practice of various periodontal procedures including scaling, root planing and minor periodontal surgeries based on precise clinical examination, diagnosis and sequential phase-wise treatment planning. They also learn the art of designing maintenance regimen tailor-made to suit the needs of every patient.

The concept of life-long learning is instilled in the students by facilitating learning through seminar presentations, case based learning and various other methods.


Head of the Department:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nettemu Sunil Kumar


Faculty Members:

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nettem Sowmya

Asst. Prof. Dr. Vijendra Pal Singh