The Department of Microbiology at Melaka Manipal Medical College offers a study program for the second year medical students in order to provide knowledge and skills in infectious diseases and immunology that are essential for the practice of medicine.


This course aims to prepare medical students to:

  • Understand the process of disease causation by infectious agents and appreciate the role of microbiology laboratory in the diagnosis and control of these diseases. Special emphasis will be made on addressing diseases endemic in Malaysia
  • Understand the development of immune response, its relation to infection and other diseases with an immunological basis.
  • Appraise the problems of microbial drug resistance and its implications.
  • Apply principles of asepsis and infection control.

Students conduct an Annual event “Microfest’ comprising of a district/state level microbiology quiz competition “Probe” and institutional level microbiology creative activity “Model your microbe” competitions.