Otolaryngology (ENT) is taught to Undergraduates at Melaka Manipal Medical College (MMMC) as part of the 2nd Phase of the MBBS curriculum. We aim to educate our students on the common disorders of the Ear, Nose and Throat they can expect to see and manage in their careers as House Officers and Medical Officers. The program offers enough breadth and detail to form a strong foundation for clinical knowledge in ENT regardless of the specialty that may eventually be chosen for specialization. The Department is staffed by three permanent lecturers with extensive clinical and teaching experience as well as by clinical staff from the attached Government Hospital with which the College is affiliated.


At the MMMC, ENT is taught as a mixture of didactic lectures, clinical case presentations, performance of clinical and procedural skills and presentations based on specific problems commonly encountered in clinical practice. We have a well-equipped Skills Lab where students can practice basic ENT procedures. Students are exposed to the operative environment as well and are encouraged to reflect on their experiences during their posting. Particular emphasis is laid on analysis of symptoms and a logical, evidence based approach to patient management. Soft skills such as communication, bedside manners and ethics form an integral part of the course.


Students are evaluated continuously as well as at the end of each semester in various aspects of the subject. The course is tailored and progresses from the basics to more advanced skills and knowledge while being relevant to basic hospital or General practice. Assessment is done in a variety of well validated and accepted norms of Medical Education in Malaysia and encompasses both theory and oral examinations.


At graduation, we aim to provide our students with a strong basis in ENT with which to build upon their skills and knowledge and help to foster attitudes of compassion, empathy and professionalism that are part of the armamentarium of any good doctor.