Department of Ophthalmology

Head of the Department:

  • Prof. Dr Soumendra Sahoo

Faculty Members:

  • Dr Prabhu Venkatesan
  • Dr Rajiv Gupta
  • Dr Saurabh Shrivastava 

Welcome to the Department of Ophthalmology at Faculty of Medicine, Melaka Manipal Medical College, Malaysia. Our goal is to delivery Ophthalmology training to undergraduate medical students for acquiring adequate knowledge and skills that shall enable him/her to provide efficient primary eye care in the community & help them to participate effectively as a community health leader to assist in the implementation of the National Programme for the prevention of blindness. We are committed to advancing the curricular delivery for UG students apart from clinical service and collaborative research projects with Ministry of Health Hospitals.


Teaching Learning Activities

We have large group session through interactive lectures at Muar campus for 6th and 7th semester students. The theoretical components of various eye diseases important for General Practice are taught with integration to basic science knowledge. One of the innovative ways adopted by our department is to provide ‘skeleton Lecture handouts’ before lecture session to keep learners attentive during lecture class. The Department has made this activity scholarly through international publication on its effectiveness.


Students during 8th and 9th semester are posted in small groups for their clinical postings in Ophthalmology at Hospital Melaka, KK Peringgit and Alor Gajah hospital. The students maintain a portfolio during their 4 weeks posting, which has provided the scope to learn through reflection.


The department has blended various small group learning techniques such as e-PBL, Role-Play to train communication skill, clinical skills learning using manikins, virtual image identifications, research protocol writing, self-directed learning, writing online SDL Log etc. The main aim is to hone their skills in all the domains as defined by MQA. The innovative approaches like e-PBL and Role-Play have been made scholarly through international presentations and publications.



The department has a pragmatic approach to assess various skills during their clinical posting. We have a unique weekly Mentoring session to guide the academic progress during posting apart from scopes for peer assessments during sessions like PBL and Role-Play. We have both formative and summative ways to assess all the skills as defined in our learning objectives. Apart from end of posting examination, the ophthalmology components are also feature at College as well as comprehensive University examination.


Clinical Service & Research

All the faculty members are privileged to do clinical service at the hospital Melaka. The Department not only engages regularly in conducting research in Medical Education, but also continuously collaborates in clinical research with MoH staffs. The Faculty members have international publication of good number of manuscripts from Medical Education and clinical research projects. The Department Faculty members have also published a couple of Cochrane Full systematic reviews.


Community service

The Faculty members regularly engage themselves in various Health camps organised by Melaka branch of MMA. The department celebrates the World Health Day in collaboration with KK Peringgit each year.


Faculty Development

The Departmental Faculty members update themselves continuously through various Medical Education workshops, conference presentations, CME activities at various hospitals. The department has FAIMER trained Faculty member who is also one of the CMCL-FAIMER Faculty members. The department also invites outside speakers to deliver lectures for the benefit of our students.

Our department’s success is built upon the innovation and drive of each member of our team, from faculty to administrators. Put simply, all of us are driven to educate the next generation of Medical Graduates, to provide best possible clinical service to the people and carry forward research activities in our field.