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  • Where is Manipal located?

West Coast of India, State of Karnataka, 65km North of Mangalore. Only 15km from Arabian Sea. Situated on a laterite plateau 120m above sea level.


  • Can you describe the Manipal town?

It is a university town renowned for quality education. Its population is mainly university students. The campus is situated on 600 acres of land where other constituent colleges of Manipal University offering many courses have been set up.


  • How do I get to Manipal?

From KLIA/LCCT Bangalore or Chennai (3 ½ hours)

Bangalore or Chennai Mangalore (by flight = 1- 1 ½ hrs)

Mangalore Manipal (60 km by bus or taxi = 2 hrs)



  • What type of rooms are all students given?

Single AC Room with attached bathroom


  • Is there facility for laundry?

Yes. There is a fast, reasonable, and reliable door-to-door laundry service and ironing readily available in India. The laundry-person comes to your room, collects laundry and brings the clean and ironed clothes back to your room. It’s economical as well.


  • Is there hot and cold water facility available?

There is a cooler for cold water. For hot water, you may boil water as per your need, yourself. Solar heaters are installed for hot water requirements for bath etc.


  • Can electrical equipment bought in Malaysia be used in India?

Can be used after fixing an electricity stabilizer which is easily available in Manipal and the standard voltage used in India is 220V.


  • What about cooking in the hostel room?

Cooking is not allowed, though you may boil water if required.


  • What are the pros and cons of staying outside?

Advantages: you may cook on your own; sharing room with your friends will reduce the monthly rental for accommodation.

Disadvantages staying outside:

o frequent power cut

o need a motor vehicle

o not close to class

o travel time involved

o lack of interaction with other students

o safety and security of student at own responsibility

It is mandatory for all students to stay in the hostel during the first two (2) semesters while in Manipal Campus, India and Melaka/Muar Campus, Malaysia. At campus hostel, you can avail all hostel facilities and peer learning is better.


  • What are the electrical appliances allowed in the hostel room?

You may keep an electrical kettle; other electrical appliances are not allowed.


  • How far is the hostel from classes?

The hostel in Manipal Campus is just next to the campus. All facilities are within walking distance. At Melaka Campus, the female hostel is within the campus and male hostel is ten minutes walk from campus; at Muar Campus the male and female hostel is within the campus.


  • Where can parents stay when they come to Manipal?

There are lots of hotels in different price ranges like Valley View Hotel, Green Park, Green Park Suites, Hotel Mahuvan Serai, Lake View, Dynasty, Bhavani, Janani. Booking can be done via travel agents or directly to the hotel if online booking facility is available.




  • Are there banks in Manipal?

There are many banks in Manipal. For opening saving account with State Bank of India, Manipal you need to bring your passport, Certificate of Admission and Rs500. Students will be provided with an ATM card which doubles as a student card and gives you access to the library, etc.


  • How long does it take for activation of the bank account in Manipal, India?

The account will be activated only after obtaining the Residential Permit from local authorities. These will take 1 to 1.5 months and students are expected to carry adequate amount of cash /travellers cheque amounting to RM3,000 for this period.


  • Is there any money changing facilities and how long does it take for drafts to be cleared in Manipal?

Yes, there is a money changing facilities available in Manipal and it takes 20-30 days for international bank draft to be cleared.




  • Can I apply for change of programme in the same institution?

Yes, you may apply for change of programme via an official letter to the Dean. Your application must be supported by your parent/ guardian/ sponsor.

However, the approval is subject to availability of quota, meeting the minimum entry criteria and any other regulations as specified by the institution. In the case of change of programme, the student will commence from Semester 1 of the programme and tuition fee to be paid accordingly. Please refer to the Refund Rule Policy as provided to you in your offer letter.




  • Can I receive/make international calls in India and are there telephone facilities available in the hostel and outside the campus?

Each hostel has a telephone to receive calls and international calls can be made from IDD telephone booth in front of each hostel or elsewhere in the campus or town. Student can also use mobile phone or Skype to communicate with their family.


  • What about faculty/teacher-parent communication?

Parents can write letters, phone or Email or come and meet lecturers/ mentors personally. Mentors can write to parents regularly about student's performance.





  • Where do I have to pay tuition fees?

At our Melaka campus, payable to JVMC Corporation Sdn Bhd by cheque or Bank Draft. Foreign student can bank in to:

Bank Name : Malayan Banking Berhad

Account number : 5040-2124-8969

Address: 114-114A, Graha Peladang, Jalan Hang Tuah, 75300 Melaka.

Swift code (for International students): MBBEMYKL.

Payable to: JVMC Corporation Sdn Bhd.


  • When is the payment due?

On or before the registration date of the following semester as per the advice from our Finance Office of Melaka/ Muar Campus, Malaysia.


  • What are the payments required of me in Manipal?

During your stay in India, you need to pay for hostel and mess (optional). Hostel fees is payable to, Manipal University in USD. Hostel fees during your clinical phase in Melaka/Muar Campus, Malaysia is payable to JVMC Corporation Sdn Bhd.


  • How to apply for loan / scholarship to study in Manipal?

During your Clinical phase in Melaka/Muar Campus, the college will facilitate Malaysian students in applying for PTPTN Loan. A briefing session will be conducted during orientation. However, loan approval is at the sole discretion of PTPTN.




  • What kind of food is available?

There are different cuisines available in the mess including, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. A few restaurants outside the campus serve Malaysian and Chinese food. Halal food is widely available. Besides this, the campus also has an International food court. The International food court provides north and south Indian cuisine, fast food and Malaysian menu. There are several multi cuisine restaurants in Manipal town. The food is good and available at reasonable prices.


  • Can I buy food from an outside mess, while I’m staying at the hostel?

It is possible to buy food and eat in hostel. Or you may have regular catering to your rooms.


  • Can I cook my own food?

It’s not allowed in the hostel, but you may do so if you are living outside.


  • What is the average price for breakfast, lunch and dinner outside?

About RM 15 – RM 18 should suffice for four meals a day.


  • Can food items be sent by parents through post?

Yes, but they should be well packed. You might need to check with the local Malaysian Post Office.




  • Is housemanship/ internship is attached to the programme of study?

No, the Housemanship is not attached to your programme of study. On completion of the programme, Malaysian nationalities should register for the housemanship programme with the local authority, while foreign nationalities must return to their respective country for the same.


  • Is housemanship/ internship in Malaysia is offered to foreign nationalities?

No, the Housemanship is not offered to foreign nationalities.




  • What kind of medical facilities are available for students?

Hospitalization and other medical care are readily available. Medicare scheme shall be available for all students while in Manipal Campus, India. You only need to pay for medicine. Students are required to liaise with the Dean in India for extension of insurance coverage if they are required to repeat any semester and the duration extended beyond the regular period. Students need to pay any additional charges for this extended period.

Student while at Melaka Campus is provided with insurance benefit for hospitalization and outpatient treatment.


  • How can I get medical care?

You are advised to consult the Dean of Manipal Campus, India or your mentor before proceeding to the hospital or you can go straight to the student’s counter in Kasturba Hospital where you get special treatment.

During Phase II of studies at Malaysia, you will be provided with the Medical Card for a duration


  • What about surgery or intensive care?

Available to all students.


  • Can I apply for an academic break due to health reasons?

Yes, you may apply for an academic break and the application letter must be submitted to the Dean. Your application must be supported by a letter from your parent/ guardian/ sponsor and a recommendation letter/ medical report from your doctor.

The decision to grant an academic break is subject to the approval by the Dean. Remember that you must adhere to the Programme Regulation as specified in your Letter of Offer.




  • Am I eligible for a credit transfer to medical/ dental programme of other institutions?

Options to credit transfer to the medical/ dental programme is available, but, the acceptance of candidate for the programme is subject to conditions stipulated by the respective institution or any other authorities. You are advised to contact the Deputy Registrar’s office for further assistance.




  • Are there any important programme regulation that I must know?

Yes, the Programme Regulation is specified in your Letter of Offer and we would like to stress upon the same as below.

Programme Regulation for MBBS:

1. A student will be permitted a maximum of 8 academic years to complete the MBBS course of which a student is permitted a maximum of 4 academic years to complete Phase I of the programme in Manipal campus and a maximum of 4 academic years to complete Phase II of the programme in Muar / Melaka campus.

2. A student who does not pass a subject / examination in 3 chances (university or college) will be required to withdraw from the programme. A ‘chance’ or ‘attempt’ will also include those situations when a student does not appear for the examination or a student is detained for lack of attendance and / or non-satisfactory performance during the course.

3. Eligibility for appearing at a university / college examination is 90% attendance.

Programme Regulation for BDS:

1. A student will be permitted a maximum of 8 academic years to complete the BDS course of which a student is permitted a maximum of 3 academic years to complete Phase I of the programme in Manipal campus and a maximum of 5 academic years to complete Phase II of the programme in Muar / Melaka/ campus.

2. A student who does not pass a subject / examination in 3 chances (university or professional) will be required to withdraw from the programme. A ‘chance’ or ‘attempt’ will also include those situations when a student does not appear for the examination or a student is detained for lack of attendance and / or non-satisfactory performance during the course.

3. Eligibility for appearing at a university / college examination is 90% attendance.




  • What sports facilities are available in Manipal?

Our Marena Sport Complex offers you excellent sports facilities with all sports like Badminton, Tennis, Swimming, Jogging track, Football, Hockey, Cricket, Table tennis, Basketball and Gym. Some facilities are available with minimal charges.


  • Are there any organised sports activities for/by Malaysian students?

Yes. We have sports activities and games annually.


  • Any recreation, social and cultural activities?

Organised by the College/students annually namely UTSAV and Lagenda / Annual Night, Supremo ball


  • Are there facilities for religious obligations in Manipal?

Temples, mosques and churches are present on campus, for religious obligations.




  • What are the Lecture hours?

8.00 am - 5.00 pm Monday – Friday and 8.00am – 12.30 noon on Saturday. All Muslim students granted a special break on Fridays to attend prayers in the local mosque. On Fridays, the lunch break is from 12.30 p.m. to 2.00 p.m. During the month of Ramadhan, special timetables and facilities are set up.


  • Is there a break in between lectures?

Yes. Morning, 10.00 am - 10.30 am and in the Afternoon, 12.30 pm - 2.00 pm


  • What are the attendance requirements?

Students are required to maintain a minimum 90% attendance in each subject to appear for university examination.


  • What computer facilities are available in the Manipal University and would I require a computer for preparing assignments?

Internet cafés and cyber cafes are available in Manipal town. In the campus you can have access to computers and Internet in many places including hostels. All students are given an Email address at the Library. Normally you do not need computer to do assignment, if required it is available at the college library. Student may also bring their own laptops.


  • What teaching methods engaged?

Lectures, Lab Work, Problem Based Learning, Spot test, Viva and Self Study.


  • Are there library facilities available?

We have an excellent library which opens daily from 9.00 am – 11.00 pm with Reference Section, Study Hall, Computer Facilities, Journals and Open Shelf.


  • Are there any Photostat (Xerox) facilities available?

Yes and it’s easily available with reasonable cost.


  • What is the expected price of books for 1st year?

For MBBS students, the books for Year 1 can be purchased at price range of Rs. 6000.00. For BDS students, the books for Year 1 and Dental Instrument Kit priced at the range between Rs. 15,000.00 – Rs 20,000.00.

These are easily purchased at Manipal Campus book shop.





  • Will I require having my own transportation while in Manipal?

No, as everything is within walking distance. There are frequent buses, taxis and auto-rickshaws which are cheap and easily available if you want to travel to Udupi, etc.


  • Chances of traveling around during weekends?

Manipal has some excellent locations to visit nearby. There are some excellent locations for both short and long trips. Traveling can be done individually or in groups. It is quite affordable as well.


We hope that the information provided in this booklet has been useful. Should you have any further clarifications, please do not hesitate to call us.