Eating is a great pleasure. Good eating is essential to good health. Malaysians enjoy a wide variety of foods. Finding your favourite foods on campus is easy. The MMMC cafeteria offers endless array of dishes to suit every taste bud and appetite. It aims to encourage people to enjoy what they eat and to make the eating experience a pleasurable one. The friendly and passionate cooks pay attention to the taste, texture, aroma, appearance, and temperature of the different foods served to give a satisfying and enjoyable feeling. There's a meal for every one whether you are eating alone or dining with friends.


The cozy ambience allows you to sit down and focus on eating and savour your food in the company of friends. It provides a pleasant, clean, comfortable dining experience. Several stations are manned by different cooking styles such as Indian, Malay and Chinese that offers great tasting, wholesome entrées including vegetarian entrées and a variety of vegetables and side dishes for breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. The beverage station offers fresh fruit juices, assortments of milk, freshly brewed coffee and tea or even iced drinks to quench your thirst in the hot afternoon. The dessert corner offers an array of delicious desserts, yogurt and fresh fruits. The gazebo station operates in the afternoon and evening to provide an open air environment and allows you to watch others play cricket and basketball while enjoying your food. It offers a variety of delicious treats such as banana fitters and local kuih. Thus in MMMC cafeteria, eating is more than just health and nutrition.