Student Council

The Melaka-Manipal Medical College Student Council represents the students of MMMC and serves as a platform for students to voice out their opinion and suggestions to create a better learning environment.


Our elections are held annually mainly for the top four posts, namely president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.


We focus on helping our fellow students have a platform for relaxation and endorphin build-up with some of our major activities such as the MMMC games and inter-batch sports and cultural events each organized once every year. Students participate in the various sporting events, such as, football, basketball, badminton, tennis and squash along with cultural events like dancing, singing and instrumental performances making these events an opportunity for our friends to reveal their hidden talents. These events enable us to strengthen the bond and kin-ship amongst our fellow manipalites.


Apart from that, we also organize the MMMC annual night which takes place at the beginning of each year during which the dean’s list students are honoured and prizes are given to the winners of the MMMC inter-batch events. This is also an event where all the students and faculty alike let loose and entertain one another with dances, sketches and singing events. Another highlight- our annual Hostel Day, is usually scheduled in the middle of the year whereby competitions for the best hostel rooms, maintenance staff, driver and housekeeping staff are held along with the prize giving ceremony for the MMMC Games.


In addition to the above mentioned events, the Student Council of MMMC also plays an active role during the College Graduation ceremony and Health Camps organized by MMA Melaka Branch aside from organizing various community outreach programmes like visits to homes’ for the less privileged, recycling campaigns, bake sales, blood donation drives and quizzes.            


'We must act as if our institutions are ours to create, our learning is ours to define, our leadership we seek is ours to become.’ - Peter Block, Philosopher